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This is at the discretion of Studio V Dance. Please keep in mind that your child’s best interests are taken seriously. We are committed to making sure your child is placed in a class at the appropriate level to ensure that she/he is able to feel challenged but not overwhelmed. Child progression and ability

varies. Part of our job as instructors is to make sure they are not bored with their class but also to make sure they are not overwhelmed. Dance class should be fun, not stressful!


Dancers should be ready to enter the classroom on time. Dancers coming from another class will be given a 3 minute courtesy window of time to use the restroom, get water, etc. Teachers are not responsible for retrieving dancers to start class on time. Any dancers seen in the building that are late for class without viable reason (injury, another teacher is keeping them late, etc.), will receive a demerit.
Arriving to the studio late: We realize that sometimes parents run into traffic, school functions run late, etc. that can make a dancer late in arriving at the studio. However, if a dancer misses more than 1⁄2 of the class time, it will be considered an absence.


Dancers should come to class ready to work and dance. It is not social hour. Any student(s) who perpetually goof around and are not focused during class after 1 warning, will be dismissed from the class for the day, and will receive a demerit.


All dancers need to continually grow in their abilities to remain a member of the class. If, at any time during the year, an instructor feels that a student is not keeping up with the rest of the class (whether it be in learning choreography or in bettering their technique), they have the authority to remove said student from that class. All students and parents will be notified ahead of time if the dancer is not working up to par and given a fair amount of time to change their habits.


These are our requirements for competitive dancer’s parents: *Parents must support all competitive dancers equally and make sure the kids support each other. We do not condone unhealthy rivalry between our own dancers. *All competitive parents must perform 1 volunteer job related to recital each year. *Parents should encourage and remind dancers to practice at home whenever necessary. 


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